Monday, February 22, 2010

Transnet Rail Engineering Sale 3 – Post Sale Results

Last Thursday (18/02/10) saw the close of yet another sucessful online auction for Transnet Rail Engineering
Sale 3 sold R5.4 million in Railway Consumable Spares, Machinery, Wheels & Axles.  This was another exciting and pressuring auction, drawing in last minute bidders and extending the auction close time by over 30 minutes. 
The 1 200 ton Wagon wheels was among the highest winning bids while the Toyo Umpanki Forklift and Webster & Benit Vertical Bore received the most number of bids.  Here are some sale stats:
      • Total Lots 116
      • Total Sold Lots 65
      • Total Bidders 37
      • Total Bids 1547

 The next Transnet Rail Engineering Sale 4 is scheduled for 18 March.
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