Friday, March 26, 2010

Qimonda Dresden offers a unique opportunity for the semiconductor industry

Qimonda Dresden, is offering a unique opportunity to acquire state of the art 12" (300mm) Wafer Fabrication Front End tools. The tools are being sold via an online auction, managed by GoIndustry DoveBid. The auction closes on Tuesday 30th March 2010 at 14:00 CEST (German Local Time).

Buyers not only have the opportunity to purchase these tools which are at the leading edge of technology, at a reduced rate; but due to the nature of the sale, all equipment will be available immediately after purchase, without any lead time. This enables buyers to reach their strategic goals faster - whether upgrading a facility, or adding to an existing production line.

"It is rare to have these 300 mm fab Front End tools become available for auction." says Jack Reinelt, CEO at GoIndustry DoveBid. "I'm sure it will raise interest in the major players, such as Samsung or Texas Instruments. This is the latest technology that creates most of the electronic products we use today."

As a leading edge DRAM memory chips manufacturer, Qimonda Dresden was at the forefront of product and process development. Its policy for pre-emptive maintenance, delivered by their in-house technical team, ensured that all tools were kept to the highest standard and with immediate intervention as required. Key Qimonda engineers have been retained for the sale process and are available to answer any technical enquiries. As well, all technical manuals, data sheets and maintenance records were kept up to date in Qimonda's comprehensive library.

The online auction is scheduled to close on 30th March, 2010, visit for more information or contact Andy Hackett at or mobile +44 (0)7764 308 689.