Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post Sale Results - Qimonda Dresden Sale 4 Back End Inspection and T&M

Following the closing of today’s online auction for Qimonda Dresden Sale 4, we are pleased to share some of the sale results with you. The sale offered 311 lots of equipment formerly used for the manufacture and test of DRAM and flash memory chips. In total the event page received 9,810 page views and 147 registrants from 25 countries. The auction also attracted 2,680 online bids resulting in the sale of 153 lots. It was the Large Quantity of Parts & Consumables, Siemens Siplace 80 F4 Siemens Pick and Place Machine and Suss Microtec PA 300 Probe Station with Laser that were among the top 10 items by page views. The Advantest M6741AD Dynamic Test Handler attracted the most number of bids whilst the Tokyo Seimitsu UF 3000 Wafer Probing Machine remained highest selling item. For additional information or after sales enquires, please contact Andy Hackett on +44 (0) 7764 308 689 or email