Thursday, March 25, 2010

S.A. Fine Worsteds, South Africa

The online auction of behalf of S.A. Fine Worsteds offers a Complete Worsted Spinning Mill, Yarn Dyeing, Weaving, Finishing, Site Services and Workshops. The auction is scheduled to close on Thursday, 8 April and consists of 333 assest spread accross two seperate locations in South Africa. Assets included are:

    •  Hacoba & Sucker Muller Hacoba Sectional Warping Machines (1985-1998)(Qty 3)
    • Dornier “LWV” Airjet Weaving Machines, with Staubli Dobby (1995)(Qty 8)
    • Dornier “HTV” Rapier Weaving Machines, with Staubli & Grosse Jacquards (1991-2000)(
    • NSC Preparation Equipment, GN5, GN6, GC12, GV11. 1st & 2nd Passage GC12’s with Autoleveller (1973-1987)
    • NSC “PB32” & “PB30” Combing Machines (1989-1996)(Qty 7)
    • And many more
This is a BLOCK closing, with the first half of the sales closing at 1400 (GMT+2) and the second half closing at 1500 (GMT+2). For local closing times, please refer to S.A. Fine Worsteds event page or click here to find out more or register or visit