Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Test Equipment in Japan

It's a time for a third in a series of sales of high quality electronic test equipment from Japan this year. This one includes over 150 units of various equipment throughout the country with additional 100 units to be added by 22nd July.

                               Anritsu MG3681A                                 Advantest R8340
                Digital Modulation Signal Generator             Ultra-High Resistance Meters

                           Advantest R3465W                                      Hioki 3193/9600
                      CDMA Spectrum Analyzer                                   Power Hi-Testers

As a taster, this sale will include:
  • Advantest R8340 Ultra-High Resistance Meters
  • Anritsu MS616B 3GHz Modulation Spectrum Analyzers
  • HP/Agilent E6393B/002 cdma2000/ CDMA/ PCS/ AMPS Mobile Station Test Set
  • Kikusui PAD60-120L High Performance Regulated DC Power Supply (0-60V, 0-120A)
  • Noise Laboratory ESV3000 3GHz EMI Scanner / Viewer
  • And Much Much More...
Sale will close on 28th July.

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