Friday, July 30, 2010

More Exciting Website Enhancements

We've released another batch of exciting changes to today, including:
  • New page title and meta tags to improve page rankings
  • Corporate spotlights section repositioned higher up the page
  • Ability to view the latest news from either our global blog ( or our new German blog ( by clicking on the appropiate icon in 'Latest news'
Auction Calendar
  • New page title and meta tags to improve page rankings
  • New abbility to filter by region and country
  • No more duplicated events if they have multiple countries or categories associated with them!!
  • Only the active countries are displayed
Lot images
  • We are now including a watermark on all lot images uploaded through DAM (this doesn’t affect images uploaded via AMP/SUT).
  • These images are also resized if they are larger than 800x600 (with the aspect ratio kept the same)
There are also various other bug fixes, performance enhancements and style changes.

We hope you enjoy them! Don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving feedback by clicking on the blue 'Feedback' icon on http::/

Construction Equipment Auction in Orissa, India

Just uploaded an online auction of over 40 dump trucks in Orissa, India. All the units are of 2006 or 2007 models so there may be some nice catches available. The brands include Ashok Leyland, Tata and AMW.

Bidding or the units is open now and closes on 5th August.

Please click here for more information or jump directly to see the full catalogue

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pfizer - Farm Equipment Sale

By order of Pfizer Inc.
A Live auction for over 110 Lots of Farm Equipement from Pfizer's facility in Charles City, IA. Items include Tractors, Tractor Accessories, Livestock Feeders, Cages, Feeder Troughs, LP Gas Heaters, Hot Water Heaters and Assortment of Farm Equipment for sale.

Location: Charles City, Iowa, USA

Click here to see full details or register.

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Diesel Locomotive LKM V180 CC

By order of a Leasing-company
An online auction of a Diesel Locomotive, manufacturer VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx Babelsberg (LKM), type V180 CC. Click here to see full details or register.
Diesel Locomotive, manufacturer VEB Lokomotivbau Karl Marx
Babelsberg (LKM), type V180 CC
Year of manufacture 1968

AL Technologies - Epiwafers & Optical-Electronics

By order of AL Technologies GmbH
Closure of an Epiwafer and Facet Coating Facility for the production of Laser Diodes for Opto-Electronics Devices; Assets include Photolithography, Wet Process, Facet Coating, MOCVD, Assembly, Inspection, T&M, Laboratory, and General Office equipment

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

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Asset Intelligence Special Report:The Plastics Industry

Today, plastics are utilised in just about everything we use in modern day life, from packaging, bottles and basic containers, through to medical, electronics and automotive devices.

David Heaselgrave, Vice President - Marketing for GoIndustry DoveBid, provides up-to-date commentary for this Asset Intelligence Special Report:

2009 saw a massive downturn in demand for a wide variety of consumer goods. The automotive industry was hard-hit and as a direct result of this, the second hand plant & machinery market also stalled. In 2010, following the introduction of the car scrappage scheme in the previous year, the automotive industry has seen a significant increase in all aspects of global motor manufacturing and this has had a direct effect on their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Most automotive companies operate 'just in time' delivery with their suppliers. This process requires suppliers to react to orders in the strictest of timescales.

Car manufacturers require machines which are of large tonnage but small shot weight. These machines range up to 4000 tonnes in weight. In Europe, the primary machine types are Krauss Maffei, Demag and, in the USA, Husky and Klockner.

Prices on the increase
In both the US and Europe, prices for large tonnage machines have increased by approximately 20% since mid 2009. Markets in Asia are less developed and many Asiapac companies are still sourcing from the West or purchasing new from China. This is in contrast to 10 years ago, when Chinese built machinery was not fit for a modern factory. In China today, there are over 300 primary machine manufacturers alone. Equipment is CE marked, backed by local agents in the West and now poses serious competition to the traditional US and European Brands. A typical Chinese machine, built to European standards, can cost over a third less than its European equivalent.

Extensive demand from bidders
Injection moulding machines start from 10 Tonnes in weight. The largest machine of this type, which GoIndustry DoveBid has valued, was based at an automotive plant in the US and has a 6000 Tonnes clamp force. GoIndustry DoveBid recently conducted an auction in the US for a plant pot manufacturer. We saw extensive demand for the machines and the moulds. Bidders from 28 countries competed for the lots and the sale realised over $6,000,000.

However, it is not just the primary moulders but the ancillaries which are also attracting a significant interest: granulators, chillers, water heaters, blenders, silos, hot runner systems are all receiving strong demand. In addition to the major auctions, we also run a monthly plastics exchange sale where any vendor with surplus plant can enter machines and ancillaries equipment. The sale is online and we are currently seeing in excess of 80% sell through rate. The exchange is held monthly, so both buyers and sellers can plan their requirements. Our June sale had primarily UK based equipment for sale and, interestingly, UK companies - reversing a trend seen over the past few years of everything going East, purchased two-thirds of the lots.

Market value of large machines can be affected by a number of issues, for example the restriction of movement. The 2000T clamp force machine is likely to be split into two parts for moving - the clamp and the injection unit. It is not uncommon for the clamp to be 'oversize' for haulage and, in many countries, you would be required to obtain a special movement permit. These restrictions vary across Europe and the time taken to obtain the appropriate permissions for transporting these large items can seriously impinge on exit deadlines. Refurbishment, following the use of corrosive materials i.e. Nylon, is another issue which can affect the machine's market value. Work has to be completed prior to other materials being moulded and the new owner then incurs expensive down time. Sale times to allow for proper marketing depend upon the specification of the machines being sold. Small to medium (up to 1000T clamp force) standard trade moulder machines from a recognised manufacturer can be disposed of in a 4 to 6 week period. In the case of larger machines, you would expect a 6 to 12 week period, plus a possible extended clearance period as set out above.

Confidence in the market is improving with interest globally returning to pre-recession levels. It is becoming clear that there is a shortage of quality plastics machinery coming onto the second hand market. However, dealers/brokers are still actively seeking and sourcing stock to help keep the market buoyant. This is in contrast to the machine tools market.

British Plastics Federation survey signals confidence
These comments are endorsed by the findings of the British Plastics Federation's (BPF) Business Conditions Survey 2010, which has signalled industry confidence in post-recession recovery, with 73% of all respondents forecasting an increase in UK Sales Turnover in the next twelve months. The survey results also show a healthy level of planned capital investment with 61% of respondents planning capital investments over the next twelve months. There is a particularly strong emphasis on this from Moulders, Recyclers, Additives and Masterbatch. While 34% of respondents have stated that 'upgrade' and 'expansion' are the reasons for capital investment, 22% of respondents highlighted energy efficiency as a key driver.

Find out more at or email

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exciting Changes to

We've recently released several exciting changes to  including:

Lot catalogue/bid manager/search results
  • We've improved the page load times of these pages by only displaying the images when they are visible on the screen (e.g. when you scroll down the list).
  • We also now display the full lot title in the asset listings (we also use this for the URL).
  • On the lot catalogue we display the header information on every page.
Auction Calendar
  • New multi-select category and country filters.
Event/lot detail pages
  • Enhanced expandable/collapsible information widgets.
  • The large 'Share this' link has been replaced with 'Ask a question', this is visible even if you aren’t logged into the site (you have to login or register to submit a question).
  • Larger related sales widget, with more events included.
  • New face book style image gallery.
  • Clear calls to action on closed event pages.
We hope you enjoy them and 'thank you' to everyone that requested or voted for them in our new feedback forum. Let us know what you think by visiting and clicking 'Feedback'. We're always open to new ideas and as you can see from the idea's we've already actioned your vote could really count!

Bid Manager Enhancements

Due to popular demand we have released the following enhancements to Bid manager:

1. It now remembers the items you had selected when reloading the list.

2. The location field is displayed when enable 'More Details'.
You can use bid manager by 'registering to bid' and then signing in and selecting 'Bid manager' from the 'My account' menu on
We hope you enjoy the changes and wish you all the best with your bidding!

The Artful Group Ltd - new lots added!

We have recently added equipment on behalf of a finance company that includes Heidelberg Stahlfolder (2007), Polar guillotine (2007) and Canon C7000VP Image Press digital printing system (Qty 2). This sale now has a lot of late, high quality equipment available, click here or visit the sale page for more details:

Gosport - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Development Facility

By Order of Pfizer, UK - Re: Wyeth, Gosport
An online auction of over 500 lots of Pharmaceutical Development, Formulation, Analytical Chemistry, Sterile Product Manufacture, Laboratory and General Factory Equipment from the Wyeth, Gosport (UK) Research and Development Facility

Location: Gosport, UK

Click here to see full details or register.

View more images >>

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miller Coors - (2005) Automated Guided Vehicles

Surplus Equipment to the Ongoing Needs of Pratt & Whitney Canada

By order of Pratt & Whitney Canada, a UTC Company

An Online Auction of Exceptionally Maintained Machine Tools and Suppport Equipment from Design Toolroom, including CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Grinder, Vertical Milling Machines, CNC Mill, Press, Hone, EDM, Optical Comparator, and more!

Location: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Click here to see full details or register.

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Polymer Vision - Semiconductor & Fabrication Equipment

Closing soon: The online auction of Polymer Vision - Semiconductor & Fabrication Equipment will close tomorrow, 27 July. Click here for more information or to register. The sale features:

    • Westech '372M' Automatic Wafer Polisher (CMP System) - 2006
    • LAM Research '4420 Rainbow' Cassette to Cassette Single Wafer Etcher
    • Silicon Valley Group 'SVG 90' 150 mm Wafer Twin Track Coat / Develop Track System
    • Electric Micro Systems 'EMS 4000' Spin Coater System, Swaglok 'SWS M100-1' Orbital Welding System
    • Water De-ionisation / Softener Plant
    • Compressors, Fume Cupboards & Associated Equipment
Event information
Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
Lots closing from: 28 Jul 2010 2:00 PM BST
Click here for more information or to register.

Acografica and AGS Printing - Quality sheet fed presses

Closing soon: The online auction of 4 quality sheet fed presses including Heidelberg MO-V 4 colour, Heidelberg GTO52, Komori Lithrone L-526 4 colour and Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutter.
Click here for more information or to register.

    • Heidelberg Presses: 'MO-V'', 'GTO52-VP', 'Cylinder'
    • Komori Press: 'Lithrone-L526
Location: Location: Lisbon, Portugal & London, UK
Lots closing from: 28 Jul 2010 1:00 PM BST
Click here for more information or to register.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Spencer 3500 Central Vacuum System

By order of Industrial Riggers Inc.
Private Treaty Sale for a Spencer 3500 40HP Central Vacuum System that is still in original packaging

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Contact details
Contact: Private Treaty Office
Country: United States
Telephone: 909-297-1607

Click here to find out more or register.

BioPharma Exchange #252 Hosted By Pfizer Inc.

Major Pfizer Online Auction of (2) Bruker NMRs, (15+) Agilent / HP 1100 HPLCs, (5) API 4000 Mass Specs, Assorted Automated Liquid Handling Systems and a Large Assortment of General Lab Equipment from State-of-the-Art Research Facilities & Labs

Location: Various locations in North America

Click here to see full details or register.

Narrow Fabric Weaving & Crochet Machines

Online Auction of Excellent Condition Narrow Fabric Weaving & Crochet Machines. Click here to see full details or register.

•Jacob Müller Frick AG ‘NFJK 2 53' Jacquard Narrow Fabric Needle Loom (2008)
•Jacob Müller Frick AG ‘NF 53' Velvet Narrow Fabric Needle Looms (Qty 2: 2005 & 2006)
•Jacob Müller Frick AG ‘NFN 53' Narrow Fabric Needle Looms (Qty 2: 1988, 2002)
•Jacob Müller Frick AG ‘NFN 53' Tartan Narrow Fabric Needle Looms (Qty 2: 1992 & 1993)
•Jacob Müller Frick AG ‘RD3 & RD3 H.S' Raschelina Crochet Machines (Qty 2: 2001 & 2006)
•Comez ‘Decortronic 1000.E' Crochet Machines (Qty 2: 2000 & 2002)
 Location: East London, South Africa
Click here to find out more or register.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seagate Technology (Ireland) - 150mm Semiconductor Fabrication Tools

By Order of Seagate Technology (Ireland). Private Treaty/Negotiated Sale of 150mm Semiconductor Fabrication Tools, including Canon-Alelva, FEI, Balzer, Karl Suss, Meivac, Plasmatherm, Matrix, Semitool, Chad, Strausbaugh, Solid State, and Leitz. Click here to see full details or register.

Location: Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK
Click here to find out more or register.

Celestica - SMT Machinery & Ancilliary Equipment

Online auction by order of Celestica, featuring a variety of Surface Mount & Board Assembly equipment. Click here for more information or to register.

Assets  Include:
  • 4x UNIVERSAL Polaris 500&1000 components assembly cells (years 2006 & 2007)
  • 5x MVT & ORBOTECH AOI systems
  • 7x Reflow ovens
  • ASYMTEK M2000 silicon dispenser
  • 3x MPM screen printers
  • SENJU wave solder machine and spray fluxer
  • Plus 60 board handlers, conveyors, buffers, loaders & unloaders, and much more!
Please note: We are accepting offers prior to the start of the auction.

Location: Spain/Czech Republic
Bidding Opening: 09:00 Tuesday 14th September 2010
Lots Closing From: 15:00 Tuesday 21st September 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dana - Q3 Online Auction

By order of Dana Holding Corporation
An Online Auction of Gear Machines and Shop Equipment including Thermal Oxidizer, CNC Machines, Hypoid Gear Generators, Vinylester and Polyester Injection Presses, Rubber Injection Presses, Machine Shop Equipment, Industrial Robots, Material Handling, Generators, Air Compressors, Shop Furniture and Support

•Eisenmann Thermal Oxidizer
•Index Mdl MV200 CNC Multi-Spindle Vertical Machining Center
•Index-Werke Mdl V300 CNC Vertical Turning Center
•(7) Gleason 116 Hypoid Generators
•Krauss Maffei 500-Ton Vinylester/Polyester Injection Press
•(16) Rep Corp. Rubber Injection Presses from 180-Ton to 450-Ton
•Wheelabrator Blast Machine
•Henry Filters Chip and Coolant Filtration System
•Hyster Mdl E120XL 11,500Lb Fork Lift
•(2) Hyster H110XL 10,000Lb Fork Lifts

Location: Various Locations in the United States
Click here to see full details or register.

Closing soon: Xerox - Items No Longer Needed in the Xerox Fuser Roller Division

An online auction for over 500 lots Of CNC and Conventional Machinery, Toolroom And Production Equipment, Welding And Fabrication, Inspection Equipment, Internal Transport and contents of stores. The  auction closes tomorrow, Thursday, 22 July. The first block of assets will be close from 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST) and the second block will close from 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST). All assets are located in Gloucestershire, GL17 0DD, United Kingdom. Click here for more information or to regsiter.

- Toolroom Machinery By, Jones & Shipman, Bridgeport, Colchester, Hardinge, Huron
- Inspection Equipment By, Union, Moore & Wright, Mitutoyo, CG&T
- Welding And Fabrication Equipment
- CNC And Conventional Production Machinery By Gildermeister, Hasegawa, Toyoda & others
- Robots By Kuka, Fanuc, Motoman
- Shot Blast And Finshing
- And many more!
Click here for information or to regsiter.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Epson ES551S Scara Robots in Singapore

Our office in Singapore is selling 12 units of Epson ES551S Scara Automation Robots on behalf of a client. All units come with appropriate drivers and cables.

Epson ES551S Scara Robots

This short notice sale will end on Thursday, 22nd July 2010.
Click here to see full details or register.

Vehicle Auction in Kolkata, India

Live auction for over 90 units of commercial and passenger vehicles in Kolkata, India on 23rd July 2010.
The sale features buses, tractors, pick up trucks, passenger vehicles including Opel Corsa, Hyundai Accent, Honda City, Ford Fusion and much much more...
Click here to see more details and to download a full auction catalogue

Monday, July 19, 2010

(2004) Caterpillar 350KW Stand by Generator Set with Enclosure

Private Treaty Sale of 2004 CAT Diesel Genset, 350KW in Mint Condition, Complete with Enclosure, Fuel Tank, & Manuals

Location: Queens, New York 11101 (Long Island City), USA

Contact details
Contact: Private Treaty Office
Country: United States
Telephone: 909-297-1607

Click here to see full details or register.

Click here to find out more or register.

Continental Automotive Systems, Huntsville, AL Private Treaty

By order of Continental AG
A private treaty sale of a tremendous offering of Surface Mount Technology, Electronic, Environmental, Chemical Testing and Engineering Assets from complete facility closure.

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Contact details
Contact: Private Treaty Office
Country: United States
Telephone: 909-297-1607

Click here to see full details or register.

Click here to find out more or register.

Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin

By order of Cube Kunsthalle Berlin gGmbH. Sale of a semi-portable exhibition space, previously used for the Kunsthalle Berlin Art exhibition from 2008-2010 (Schlossplatz Berlin).
Click here to see full details or register.

View more images >>

Location: Germany / Deutschland
Click here to find out more or register.

The Artful Group Ltd - Printing, Woodworking & Office Equipment

By Order of MJ Orton & WJ Wright Joint Administrators of The Artful Group Limited.Online Auction of Modern Greetings Card, and Picture Production and Packaging Plant, Frame Making, Storage, Factory Support, Office Furniture and Canteen Equipment. Click here to see full details or register. 

Location: Lilliput Road, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7DT, and Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QP, United Kingdom

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lab Equipment in Singapore

A multinational biopharma company is selling surplus lab equipment in Singapore with a sale closing 23rd July.
The sale includes
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum Bx FT-IR Spectrometer
  • Oxford CMI900 Advanced XRP Coating Thickness Measuring System
  • Thermotec Oven, Water Bath
  • MTOPS Heating Mantle MS-E Series and More...

Perlin Ellmer BxFT-IR Spectrometer

Bidding starts on Monday 19th July at 10am local time.

Click here to find out more and to register

Wafer Fab Process Tool in Singapore

The lots have just been uploade for a private treaty sale of Wafer Fab Process Tools in Singapore. The sale features
  • KLA Tencor eS20XP System
  • CD-SEM System
  • Rudolph Technologies MetaPULSE 200X System
  • GaSonics Aura 3010 System
  • BPS Nextral D200 PECVD System
  • TSK A-WD-208T Dicing Saw
Wafer Ashing System
 The items are for sale up only until 30th July so please take a look at the lot catalogue or contact Derrick Low at our Singapore office on

Tel: +65 6820 3828

Click here to view more details

UPDATE: Tire Manufacturing Equipment in Taiwan

Update, 22nd July: the lots have just been uploaded for this sale, you can check them out here.


Over the past few years several of our offices, including Philippines, Malaysia and Australia, have hosted a number of successful tire manufacturing equipment sales for large multinational companies. We are happy to announce another such sale this time in Taiwan.

The sale consists of over 50 lots of equipment including extruding machines, calenders, X-Ray machines, resiliometers, plant support equipment and much much more.

Tire Manufacturing Equipment Sale

The sale is set to close on 29th July 2010 and lots should be uploaded next week.

Assets are located in TaoYuan, Taiwan

Click here to see full details and to register

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transnet Freight Rail - Sale 15

By order of Transnet Freight Rail - A division of Transnet Limited
Online Auction of Railway Scrap Wagons (Qty 600) and various size Fibre Optic Cables located throughtout South Africa. Click here to see full details or register.

Bidding open: 22 Jul 2010 1:00 PM BST
Lots closing from: 29 Jul 2010 1:00 PM BST
Click here to find out more or register.

Acografica and AGS Printing - Quality sheet fed presses

By Order of Acografica and AGS Printing due to company restructuring. An online auction of 7 quality sheet fed presses including Heidelberg MO-V 4 colour, Heidelberg SORMZ 2 colour, Heidelberg GTO52-VP 4 colour, Heidelberg GTO52, Komori Lithrone L-526 4 colour and Roland RVK 3B 2/2. Click here to see full details or register.

7 lots of sheet fed presses:
- Heidelberg Presses: MO-V, 'SORMZ, GTO52-VP, Cylinder
- Komori Press: Lithrone-L526
- Roland Press: RVK 3B 2/2

Location: Lisbon, Portugal, London, UK and Ireland
Click here to find out more or register.

Menschel - Curing & Hardening Oven

Tender Sale by order of MENSCHEL GmbH. The sale consists of Hardening and Curing Oven for Assembly and Fastening Material - Screws, Bolts, Anchors, Gears, etc. Click here to see full details or register.

•AICHELIN Hardening and Curing Oven, DHLHS/VIB-950 / DHLGSW-750
•AICHELIN Chamber Tempering Furnaces, KES 4
•WEINREICH Coiling Tower, RMC 1106
•Hardness Tester, make LEITZ, WOLPERT, KEUKEL, FRANK
•And many more

Location: Plettenberg, Germany
Click here to find out more or register.

Q-Cells SE - Solar Cell Manufacturing - closing today

There is still time to regsiter and bid for the Q-Cells SE - Solar Cell Manufacturing online auction.  The sale includes Photovoltaic Equipment for the manufacture of Wafers and Screen-Printed Mono- & Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells, comprising of Two Complete Screen Printing Lines, Diffusion & Coating Furnaces, Gas Burners and Inspection Tools.  Bidding ends today from 13:00 CEST. Click here to find out more or to register.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ITV PLC Audio Visual and Broadcast Sale - Closing soon

The online auction for ITV Audio Visual and Broadcasting Equipment is scheduled to close tomorrow, Thursday 15th July.  Click here to sign up and own a piece of equipment used in the making some of the UK’s favourite soap operas.

ITV have included a good range of their equipment used in the making of Britain’s favourite soaps including 15 Sony digital Betacam recorders, storage and editing systems, audio and cinema equipment through to good old mains distribution units.

Click here to sign up today and be a part of this unique auction sale or visit

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lab Equipment and Machine Tools in Singapore

Small online auction sale just uploaded one behald of a research institute in Singapore for lab equipment and machine tools, closing on 21st July. The sale includes Branson 8500 Ultrasonic Cleaner, Nikon MM-40 Microscope, High Temperature Furnaces, Harrison Alpha Lathe with Fanuc Controls, Extron Milling Machine and much more.

Click here to find out more or register.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Over 250 Lots of Biotech, Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Online Auction for a Major Pharmaceutical Research Company - Equipment Surplus to Requirements. Click here to see full details or register.

Medical Equipment:
Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse and Oxygen Monitors (Qty 25)
Centrifuges, Balances, Incubators, Pumps & Mixers
HPLC's, Dionex Workstations & Waters '2795' Separation Modules (Qty 2)

Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire & Alderley Park, Cheshire, UK
Bidding Opening: 13 Jul 2010 12:00 PM BST
Lots Closing From: 20 Jul 2010 2:00 PM
Click here to see full details or register.

Haines Clark and Co

By Order of the Directors of Haines Clark and Co Limited Due to Closure. Online auction of Haines Clark and Co Printing Machinery.

•Heidelberg Speedmaster "SM52-S" 5-Colour Printing Press (2000)
•Heidelberg Speedmaster "SM52-2P" 2-Colour Printing Press (2002)
•Polar Mohr "78ED" Guillotine (2002)
•Morgana "UF01" Suction Fed Folding Machine
•Worsley-Brehmer "Sprite" Stitching Machine
•And many more!
Location: Redditch, Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Click here to see full details or register.

Live Auction of Cars and Trucks in Guwahati, India

Another great opportunity for buyers in Guwahati, North Eastern India to purchase vehicles previously owned by Tata Motors Finance Ltd.

The sale features over 60 units including Indica, Spacio and Sumo vehicles as late as 2009.

The auction is being held at the Hotel Agneedeep Continental on Monday, 12th July 2010 starting at 12.00pm.

Click here to download full auction catalogue

MyData Pick and Place Machines in Taiwan

We haven't had too many sales in Taiwan recently but here's rare gem!
The small (but very worthy) sale consists of three identical high quality Swedish made MyData MY-19 pick and place machines from year 2003 each sold individually.

MyData MY-19 Pick and Place Machine
The machines are located in Taoyuan, Taiwan with bidding open 23 - 27 July 2010.

Click here for more information about MyData MY-19 Pick and Place Machines For Sale

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Private Treaty sale of Hobema C-Fold Towel Folding Line (Like New)

Private Treaty Sale of Used Hobema 20F7 72" C-Fold Towel Folding Line consisting of 72" Roll Diameter Unwind Stand, Hobema Steel To Steel Embosser, (6) Slitters, (7) Folders, Guillotine Cross Cutter, (2) Stacking Units, Cassoli Pac 370 Bander, Nordson 3400 Hot Melt Gluer, and Combi Pack System 3hl

Location: Hainesport, New Jersey, USA

Contact details
Contact: Private Treaty Office
Country: United States
Telephone: 9092971607

Click here to see full details or register.

Click here to find out more or register.

International Filing Company - Complete File Folder & Index Tab Facility

By order of International Filing Company          

A Live & Webcast Auction of Complete File Folder & Index Tab Manufacturer Including Printing Presses, Folders, Gluers, Index Tabbing, Cutters, Prepress, Machine Shop, Material Handling, Plant Support and More

To view the full color brochure, click HERE

Location: 5370 Highway 42, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, USA

Click here to see full details or register.

View more images >>

Click here to find out more or register.

Bristol-Myers Squibb excess assets to on-going operations

Private Treaty Sale       

Surplus BioPharmaceutical Equipment To Ongoing Operations

Isogard Safety Enclosure; Modular Analytics System

Location: New Brunswick, NJ USA

Click here to see full details or register.