Friday, July 30, 2010

More Exciting Website Enhancements

We've released another batch of exciting changes to today, including:

  • New page title and meta tags to improve page rankings
  • Corporate spotlights section repositioned higher up the page
  • Ability to view the latest news from either our global blog ( or our new German blog ( by clicking on the appropiate icon in 'Latest news'
Auction Calendar
  • New page title and meta tags to improve page rankings
  • New abbility to filter by region and country
  • No more duplicated events if they have multiple countries or categories associated with them!!
  • Only the active countries are displayed
Lot images
  • We are now including a watermark on all lot images uploaded through DAM (this doesn’t affect images uploaded via AMP/SUT).
  • These images are also resized if they are larger than 800x600 (with the aspect ratio kept the same)
There are also various other bug fixes, performance enhancements and style changes.

We hope you enjoy them! Don't forget to let us know what you think by leaving feedback by clicking on the blue 'Feedback' icon on http::/