Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Corvis Equipment #33 - Optical & Lightwave Test & Measurement Equipment

Online Auction of Optical & Lightwave Test & Measurement Equipment, Fiber Rework Equipment, Computer Servers, Storage, and Large Quantity of High-end Opto-Electronic Components. Click here to see full details or register.

  • Agilent 83430A Lightwave Transmitter
  • Newport Orion-CM Single Mode Fiber Alignment System
  • Newport PM500-C Precision Motion Controller
  • Newport TSI50DC.5 ESP Compatible Linear Stage
  • Newport MFN25PP Fiber Optics ESP Compatible Fiber Optics Tool
  • Tektronix GB700R Error Detector 700mb/s
  • Tektronix GB700T Pattern Generator 700mb/s
  • Microwave Logic 660-TX Gigabert Ericsson EFR Automatic Fiber Splicer/ Per Supply
  • Ericsson EFR -2000 Splicer Fiber splicer
  • Oprel BBS-65-F2-231 Broadband Light Source
  • Agilent 81619A Dual Interface Modules
  • Highwave Optical Tech F-SM Series 3619901 Fiber Spool 500m
  • Wavesplitter WP4-50499-01 Wave Pump/Coupler 1x4
  • E-Tek FPWL211504100-1 Fabry-Perot Wavelength Locker Integrated Modules
  • FITEL (FURUKAWA), ALCATEL or SUMITOMO 1443nm, 160mW 14XX FBG Stabilized Laser Pumps HP 1480 PUMPS with PMF and FBG PIGTAIL.
Location: 6650 Business Parkway, Columbia, Maryland, USA

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