Thursday, November 25, 2010

GoIndustry DoveBid employees support the Alive and Well Charity

A group of five trustees, (including Will Hancock Head of Operations GoIndustry-DoveBid UK), of the charity Alive and Well, have just returned from their first trip to Sierra Leone, providing access to clean water for rural communities, where hitherto there had been none. Sierra Leone ranks amongst the poorest countries in the world. By providing access to clean water, the incidence of water borne disease, and consequential high rates of child mortality, will reduce over time.

During the 3 week trip, the group trained a local team of 3, and handed over to the local NGO a drilling rig, Land rover and associated equipment to be used for drilling wells in the Pujehun district of Sierra Leone.

    • 4 wells were drilled in 4 villages. These served as a training ground for three local crew that the charity are taking on to continue the work going forward.
    • The trustees are very pleased with the local drilling team who have shown themselves to be hard working and committed. They will receive supervision from a local NGO, and Alive and Well will pay them through the NGO to continue drilling for water in the region.  
    • The trustees made a huge number of new relationships with local counsellors, the local MP, Local and Paramount chiefs and the community. This will assist greatly in the charities' work in the region in the future.
All the money raised by this charity goes directly into drilling for clean water.