Thursday, January 13, 2011

Triflex U50 CNC Automation Line

An online auction of Triflex  U50  CNC  Automation Line, manufactured in 1999 and idled for 2 years.
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The equipment is using Siemens 840 CNC operation system, 611D servo motor, and all hydraulic devices are made by Bosch.

1. The center wheel has 90 degrees, including 3 machining stations and 1 load/unload station.
2. The machine has 4 workpiece spindles (360 degrees)with 4 12' hydraulic chucks.
3. 5 cutting spindles (X- 300mm, Y- 400mm, Z-220 mm). 6 HSK63 cutter positions on each spindle.
4. Using Fanuc robot to load and unload raw materials.
5. Cutters load testing and broken testing function.

Location: Beijing, China.

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