Monday, February 21, 2011

New Bid Manager on

To help bidders manage their bids, we've just released a new version of Bid Manager at which includes the following enhancements:

  1. The default active view now displays lots that have either closed in the last 24 hours or are closing in the next 24 hours.We've implemented this change as a result of user feedback to ensure the active view displays updates as fast as possible when events are closing (many people have hundreds of lots in the bid manager which have either closed or aren't closing for some time, and the previous default view made it harder than it needed to be to monitor current activity).
  2. When refeshing the data on the active lots view, we now only update the data on the screen that has actually changed instead of the full list of lots. We also highlight the row when something has changed, making it easy to see what's changed quickly.
  3. Because we've changed the way the data on the page is updated, you no longer lose your place on the page when the data refreshes.
  4. Any lots that closed over 24 hours ago that the bidder didn't win are displayed in a new "Lost lots" view.
  5. Any lots that close more that 24 hours in the future are available via a link to display them on the active view.
  6. You can now remove all closed items from the active view with one click on a button.
As part of this upgrade we've completely re-designed the backend process for refreshing the status of the lots so it's much more effecient. This should have a big impact on bid manager performance for large events

We hope you enjoy these changes, and as always would appreciate your feedback via the feedback forum. You can leave feedback at any time by clicking the blue 'Feedback' button on

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