Monday, October 22, 2012

Bid On Over 68 Items Of Electronics & Semiconductor Components

Our Electronics & Semiconductor Components category will be offering over 68 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #9: AGIE 60L2/DDL/004 EDM CONTRÔLE BOX. EDM CONTRÔLE BOX - Weight: 370kg; Power: 11 Kva; Volts: 3x380 V. To be sold with Go Dove Reference ... [Malestroit, France]

    Lot #32: Promax OD-571 Oscilloscope. Several individual units available [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #19: TMI Robosac P4 Station 18 - Casing unit. Click HERE to view video of the line [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #9: Station 8 - Inspection. First detects when the pallet arrives, second the operator connects the power and check the connecti ... [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #12: SiVallés Station 11 - New Acu. 3-axis robot for PCB function test. It reads the label with the laser and positions itself according ... [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #16: Station 15 - Signals reception test. Inspection equipment: 3x DAQ NI PCI 6023 [Barcelona, Spain]

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    North America:

    Lot #4501: Atis Acid Sink. Chemicals Used: EKC265, PRS3000, EKC922, IPA, Acetonec. [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #4500: Wafer Process Systems 3000TTC Acid Sink. 96”W x 36” D, 66” Tall. Chemicals Used: Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric, and Sulfuric. [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #146: Tyco HTPG-208/120 Heat Trace. Heat Trace [Jonesboro, AR]

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