Monday, November 26, 2012

Bid On Over 356 Items Of Electronics & Semiconductor Components

Our Electronics & Semiconductor Components category will be offering over 356 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #1: 3x Flat panel TV assembly lines. Production capacity: 600 units/shift. It works with 19 to 46 inches screens. All the stations from 2 ... [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #4: Station 3 - Screw mounting positions. 7 to 14 positions depending on the TV model. Pneumatic screw drivers. Locates and attaches the plast ... [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #6: Station 5 - Cover assembly. 2-positions [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #8: Keymax Station 7 - Turn over station. Capacity: 70 Kg. Panel erection. Click HERE to view video of the line [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #10: Station 9 - Repairing rack. Equipment: Quadtech Guardian 6000 electrical safety analyzer. Promax OD-571 oscilloscope (150 mhz). ... [Barcelona, Spain]

    Lot #11: Tecnos Station 10- Buttons test. Automatic TV buttons test. Also checks the remote and wifi signals. Basler A102FC/C camera and DAQ N ... [Barcelona, Spain]

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    North America:

    Lot #4374: TEL P-8 TEL Automated Wafer Prober. Fully automated wafer prober. [Milpitas, CA]

    Lot #4400: Atis Acid Sink. Chemicals Used: EKC265, PRS3000, EKC922, IPA, Acetonec. [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #4401: Wafer Process Systems 3000TTC Acid Sink. 96”W x 36” D, 66” Tall. Chemicals Used: Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric, and Sulfuric. [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #141: X Spool Respooler. Cable packaging, coils wire in a box machine [East Longmeadow, MA]

    Lot #103: Dynamex STC-24TR Cabler. Single twist 24" buncher, closing die, lay plate stand [East Longmeadow, MA]

    Lot #176: Davis Standard 350S Extruder. 3 1/2" 24:1 Thermatic, SO 90275C, 17.39 gearbox ratio, 5 zone blower cooled, swing gate, clamp, screw [East Longmeadow, MA]

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    Asia Pacific:

    Lot #37: Weiss SR22/300 Climatic Test Chamber. 400V, 3-phase, 50hz
    Assetno: 20903 [Clayton, VA, Australia]

    Lot #27: Inspection Desk Conveyor. Assetno: 25982 [Clayton, VA, Australia]

    Lot #65: Datamax DMX-I-4208 Zebra Printer. 115/230V, 50/60Hz
    Cables not included
    Condition unknown
    Assetno: 26299 [Clayton, VA, Australia]

    Lot #29: Inspection Desk. Assetno: 25984 [Clayton, VA, Australia]

    Lot #62: Datamax DMX-I-4208 Zebra Printer. 115/230V, 50/60Hz
    Cables not included
    Condition unknown
    Assetno: 27163 [Clayton, VA, Australia]

    Lot #63: Datamax DMX-H-4212 Zebra Printer. 115/230V, 50/60Hz
    Cables not included
    Condition unknown [Clayton, VA, Australia]

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