Monday, November 25, 2013

Bid On Over 55 Items Of Electronics & Semiconductor Components

Our Electronics & Semiconductor Components category will be offering over 55 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #183: Various Electronic Test Equipment. Thurlby Thandar 1906 computing multimeterRS Compt's 100 MHz universal counter-timerKeithley 580 micro-ohmmeter [Bideford, United Kingdom]

    Lot #180: Megger D7001 Low Resistance Ohmmeter. Includes DuctersCat No 247001-4 (Biddle Inst) [Bideford, United Kingdom]

    Lot #179: Yokogawa DL 1200A 4 Chnl 100MHz Digital Oscilloscope. Model 7006 20-5/J [Bideford, United Kingdom]

    Lot #181: Thurlby LA 4800 Logic Analyser. [Bideford, United Kingdom]

    Lot #177: Kikusui TOS 5051 Withstanding Voltage Tester. Max 5kV capacity [Bideford, United Kingdom]

    Lot #182: Moritex Scopeman 504 Scopeman Light Source With Lens. Inc's sony up-2200p mavigraph colour printer [Bideford, United Kingdom]

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    North America:

    Lot #1022: Spectro Analytical Instruments Lab S Optical Emissions Analyzer. Stationary Metal Analyzer Type [Dover, NJ]

    Lot #4063: Veeco - Spare Parts for K-465 Reactor. To include (1) PCB Board - Part #8200-6443, (10) Weldment Hydride Injector - Part #8200-6430, (7) Ga ... [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #4064: Veeco - Spare Parts for E300 Ganzilla Reactor. To include Purifiers, Carriers, Bearings, Modules, Filters, Rods, Nuts, Washers, Gaskets, Screws, Sh ... [San Jose, CA]

    Lot #5020: Radio Frequency Systems RLKU78-50JFLA Unused 7/8" RADIAFLEX® RLKU Cable, A-series. RADIAFLEX® functions as a distributed antenna to provide communications in tunnels, mines and large
    ... [Fair Lawn, NJ]

    Lot #1020: Optical Gaging Products Smart Scope FOV Optical Gaging System. Automated Video/Optical high resolution Measurement System, Used for Wax Patterns, Ceramic Cores and ... [Whitehall, MI]

    Lot #1021: Thermo Fisher Scientific ARL 8680 X-Ray Spectrometer. Stationary Type [Dover, NJ]

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    Asia Pacific:

    Lot #30: Yes Tech YTV-F1 Automated PCB Inspection System. Automated PCB Inspection System
    - No. of Cameras: 2-top and 4 side [Senai, Malaysia]

    Lot #1: Assembled by METTIP LED LEAD FRAME PLATING LINE/整条LED引线框架镀银线. LED LF Ag Plating Line (1Line)/整条LED引线框架镀银线 Main Specification/主要性能: 1.Line Speed/流水线速度: 6.0m/min2.T ... [Fuzhou, China]

    Lot #272: Lauterbach LA 7843 LA-7843 CA9 debug jtag cable. LA-7843 CA9 debug jtag cable Lauterbach debugging device.JTAG CORTEX PTR [Greater Nodia, India]

    Lot #246: Lauterbach LA9554 , Trace 32 Fire LAUTERBACH FIRE FOR ARM LA 9554. LAUTERBACH FIRE FOR ARM LA 9554 Used for debugging of software and hardware related ARM processesor. [Greater Nodia, India]

    Lot #266: Lauterbach LA 7991 LA-7991 Preprocessor for ARM-ETM with AUTOFOCUS Fl. LA-7991 Preprocessor for ARM-ETM with AUTOFOCUS Fl Used for debugging of software and hardware rela ... [Greater Nodia, India]

    Lot #259: ARM XC4VLX200 LOGIC TILE FOR XC4VLX200 LT200-BD-0236A. LOGIC TILE FOR XC4VLX200 LT200-BD-0236A FPGA Board used for pre-soc activities [Greater Nodia, India]

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