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Our Test, Measurement & Inspection category will be offering over 832 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #403: Anritsu MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set. Bluetooth Test SetRF Port 50 Ohm +25 dBm 50V DC [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

Lot #422: Leica DM 2500 M Microscope. Microscope [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

Lot #363: Agilent 81110A Pulse- / Pattern Generator. Pulse- / Pattern Generator165 / 330 Mhz [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

Lot #419: Leica MZ6 / KL 1500 LCD Microscope. Microscope [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

Lot #399: Keithley 2420 SourceMeter. SourceMeter [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

Lot #367: HP 81101A Pulse Generator. Pulse Generator50 Mhz [Eindhoven, Netherlands]

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North America:

Lot #4116: Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670 FT-IR ESP Spectrometer. Includes: (1) Smart Diffuse Reflectance Accessory; ±5VDC / ±12VDC, (2) Smart Performer mdl 0039199 a ... [Hayward, CA]

Lot #4117: Seiko Instruments SEA-5120 X-Ray XRF Element Monitor MX Spectrometer. Includes: Teli CS5110 CCD Color Camera, Joystick Controller; Micron Control Computer with CRT Monito ... [Hayward, CA]

Lot #2013: HP Cerjak 156MTS (Qty 4) Sonet Maintenance Test Sets. Removal Deadline Dec. 31, 2013 [Naperville, IL]

Lot #1040: GSI Lumonics/ View Engineering Voyager V12x12 (Hi- Elog.) High Performance Non-Contact Metrology System. Power: 115v, 1-ph, 60hz, [Midland, MI]

Lot #4183: Rohde & Schwarz FSP 1164.4391.03 Spectrum Analyzer. 9kHz-3GHz, 100-240V, 50-400Hz, CE tagged, with option FSP-B4. Unit powers up. [Hayward, CA]

Lot #2016: Acterna OLS-15 (Qty 41) Optical Laser Sources. Removal Deadline Dec. 31, 2013 [Naperville, IL]

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Asia Pacific:

Lot #12: Litepoint IQNxN Starter System. IQNxN Starter System [Singapore]

Lot #57: Agilent N6030A Arbitrary Wave Generator 1.25 GS/s - 15bit. Arbitrary Wave Generator 1.25 GS/s - 15bit [Singapore]

Lot #96: Rohde & Schwarz FSQ 26 Signal Analyzer 20Hz..26.5GHz. Signal Analyzer 20Hz..26.5GHz
1155.5001.26 [Singapore]

Lot #94: Azimuth 801W Test Rack. Test Rack
-AZIMUTH 802.11 (ST2644) with TMM101, RFM102, TMM101 slots
-AZIMUTH Adept WFA (ST264 ... [Singapore]

Lot #13: Litepoint IQVIEW WLAN Tester. WLAN Tester [Singapore]

Lot #42: Agilent E4404B Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-6.7Ghz. Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz-6.7Ghz
ESA-E Series [Singapore]

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