Monday, March 17, 2014

Bid On Over 50 Items Of Packaging, Bottling & Converting

Our Packaging, Bottling & Converting category will be offering many items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #263: Powder Handling System. Comprising of 1 x Powder Handling Frame On Load Cells1 x Screw Conveyor with Caron Vector 0.88 kw mo ... [Lessines, Belgium]

Lot #194: Torrit 1200 Portable Dust Collection Units. Air Volume 2000 m3/H, Filter Area 12.5 m2, 2.2 kw, 50hzPlease note: Weights, dimensions, specificati ... [Lessines, Belgium]

Lot #262: Powder Handling System. Comprising of 1 x Powder Handling Frame On Load Cells1 x Screw Conveyor with Caron Vector 0.88 kw mo ... [Lessines, Belgium]

Lot #29: Krones Contiroll 720-12 Twin Head Labeller. Capacity for 0.5ltr to 2.5ltr bottles, 12 x bottle stations, 'CTS10' control, capacity up to15000 un ... [Znin, Poland]

Lot #32: Sen Combi-RE/Hi Bottle Filler. Including Alcoa '3943' capper, capacity 8000 2ltr bottles per hour, bottle range can fill from .5ltr ... [Znin, Poland]

Lot #13: Krones Autocol Self-Adhesive Labeller. Fitted with 2 label applicators, 8 station rotary bottle turret, the two label applicators apply sel ... [Sudbury, United Kingdom]

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North America:

Lot #3357: Harland Mercury Labeler. 2012 Harland Model Mercury Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Front/Back & Full Wrap Labels, Capacity To L ... [Guanajuato, Mexico]

Lot #3318: Masipack MXCP-03
1E0024000 Scale
. 2010 Masipack Model 1E0024000 Scale, Serial No: 20101246, Capacity: 55 bags/minute sizes: 1.4 Kg to ... [Escuintla, Guatemala]

Lot #3314: Masipack 7000930000 Ultra VS 300 Packing Machine. 2008 Masipack Model 7000930000 Ultra VS 300 Packing Machine, Serial No: 20080227, Capacity 80 G 56/ ... [Escuintla, Guatemala]

Lot #3315: Masipack 2G00010000 Ultra Multi Line Packing Machine. 2007 Masipack Model 2G00010000 Ultra Multi Line Packing Machine, Serial No: 20070712, Capacity: (Siz ... [Escuintla, Guatemala]

Lot #3321: FishBein Saxon Sealing Machine. FishBein Saxon Sealing Machine, Serial No: K2K05H, Voltages 230 VAC, NEMA 12 Rated Electrics, Varia ... [Escuintla, Guatemala]

Lot #001: CFT SRG-TVP Shrinkwrap Machine. Velocity: 18 Packets per minute; Utilizes two rolls of of film; One Soldering bar; In-line Feed; Vol ... [Jilotzingo, Estado De Mexico, Mexico]

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