Monday, April 28, 2014

Bid On Over 398 Items Of Biotech, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Our Biotech, Medical & Pharmaceutical category will be offering over 398 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #1: Glatt GPCG Pro 5/3 SC Special Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/CIP System (Unused). Comprising of: Glatt Powder Coater Granulator,
CIP System; CIP-rack with re-circulation system (CU ... [Södertälje, Sweden]

Lot #27: Waters 186015010 HPLC System. binary solvent manager, sample manager, PDA detector [Frauenfeld, Switzerland]

Lot #12: Hitachi TM3000 Desktop SEM. Depth of Focus: 0.5mm; Magnification: 15x ~ 30,000x with digital zoom to 120,000x; Accelerating Volt ... [Frauenfeld, Switzerland]

Lot #13: Keyence VHX 2000 3D Digital Microscope. 2 Sets of Objective Lens: 100-10000 and 30 - 200; Joystick Controller, 3D Stacking Image Functionali ... [Frauenfeld, Switzerland]

Lot #26: Agilent 7890A / G1888 GC System. Netwok headspace sampler G1888, hydrogen generator [Frauenfeld, Switzerland]

Lot #14: Leco H836 Hydrogen Analyser. With Dell T3600 PC Laptop, Sartorious CPA64 Analyser and Huber Chiller [Frauenfeld, Switzerland]

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Asia Pacific:

Lot #1: HAPA H-210-P-1C-LR Labeller Printer & Inspection Machine. Labeller Printer & Inspection Machine, 460V 160Hz 3Ph 3kVA 170l/min 6bar [Bayswater, Australia]

Lot #27: Finn Aqua 300H5 ST-01 WFI Still. WFI Still [Bayswater, Australia]

Lot #8: Novo Nordisk 7109 C-handle Inspection Machine. C-handle Inspection Machine, 4 x Seimens CMCVA1 high speed camera, 2x Nerlite 50x200, with PLC, digi ... [Bayswater, Australia]

Lot #9: Seidenader V90-AVSB Visual Inspection Machine. Visual inspection Machine, 110V 60Hz 1kW [Bayswater, Australia]

Lot #7: Rota D-7867 WEHR 2 Visual Inspection Machine. Visual Inspection Machine [Bayswater, Australia]

Lot #30: Despatch Series 1000 Thermal Chamber. Thermal Chamber [Bayswater, Australia]

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