Monday, July 7, 2014

Bid On Over 142 Items Of Food & Beverage

Our Food & Beverage category will be offering over 142 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #1: Alfa Laval CHPX 517SGV-34CGRT / Celleco 206/500 Centrifugal separator incl. precleaner. hydraulic capacity 40m³/h; inlet temperature 0 to 100°C; draining interval min. 1 min - max. 1 hour; ... [Lenzing, Austria]

    Lot #2: Lenzing A-5490 Sparger tank. volume 150l; temperature range -20°C/+110°C; max. pressure 8bar, made of SS 1.4571, insulation 40mm; ... [Lenzing, Austria]

    Lot #25: Bernardinello Reverse Osmosis system . Including raw water stainless steel storage tank, Permeate stainless steel tank, Peroxides removal F ... [Prague, Czech Republic]

    Lot #21: Simonazzi Predosix DS8    Mix Processor. Continuous production system for preparation of pure drinks or beverages from concentrated syrup, wh ... [Prague, Czech Republic]

    Lot #27: SASIB - ALFA Rollquattro F25 Rotary Labeller. High speed rotary hot-melt adhesive labelling machine with automatic feeding and loading of containe ... [Prague, Czech Republic]

    Lot #26: Simonazzi & Zalkin Rinse, Filling and Capping Machines. Capacity for 2.0L - 20,000 b/h,1.5L - 22,500 b/h 0.5L - 23,800 b/h, consisting of the following mach ... [Prague, Czech Republic]

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    Asia Pacific:

    Lot #36: NIHONWELD NS-4043 Welders. Tig welding wires; filler rods; Mig welding wires [Davao, Philippines]

    Lot #10: Conveyor. Roller conveyor and packer agent separator [Davao, Philippines]

    Lot #30: DWT-500 Welder. DC Tig-Arc welding machine, 34KVA, 220-380V, 3-phase, 500A, 60Hz [Davao, Philippines]

    Lot #7: Wooyang HC JIS B 8270 Design code Crystallization System. CRYSTALLIZATION SYSTEM: Horizontal jacketed shell with agitator (qty. 13), carbon steel SUS304; agei ... [Davao, Philippines]

    Lot #5: Hantech Evaporation System. EVAPORATION SYSTEM: Product feed tank cylindrical / vertical STS316L material; shell tube evaporator ... [Davao, Philippines]

    Lot #2: HANJO Machine Ind.Macnine Inc. EXO 216 Extraction System. EXTRACTION SYSTEM: Extraction vessels (qty. 16), mild steel, Cylindrical / Vertical / Acid with bric ... [Davao, Philippines]

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