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Bid On Over 179 Items Of Biotech, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Our Biotech, Medical & Pharmaceutical category will be offering over 179 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #137: Nikon Unitron Microscope. date of manufacture: assumed to be 1970 [Engelsbrand, Germany]

Lot #1: Glatt GPCG Pro 5/3 SC Special Fluid Bed Dryer/Granulator/CIP System (Unused). Comprising of: Glatt Powder Coater Granulator,
CIP System; CIP-rack with re-circulation system (CU ... [Södertälje, Sweden]

Lot #1: Angel Antoni UC51-4085 Drive-In Climatic Chamber. Technical details :
Volume: 63 m3
Temperature Range: (-40 to +85)°C
Accuracy in Time: ±1°C
Humidity ... [Krakow, Poland]

Lot #2: Glatt TAM160SF / GSF 130 / TKS100 Container Blender & Rotor Mill. Glatt 'TAM 160 SF' Twin Axis Mixer
Glatt 'GSF 130' Rotor Mill
'TKS100' Easy Bag System

Capac ... [Södertälje, Sweden]

Lot #3: Howorth Airtech Ltd IPC Isolator IPC Isolator - (ISO-08) (Unused). Dimensions: 3,500mm x 900mm x 3,000mm High
Full set of Manuals - English & German
For full sp ... [Södertälje, Sweden]

Lot #4: Howorth Airtech Ltd Wash Isolator Single Chamber Pre-Wash / Cleaning Isolator. (ISO-04) (Unused) Construction: 316L ST.ST
Dimensions: 2,000mm x 750mm x 3,000mm High
Full set ... [Södertälje, Sweden]

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Lot #113: Carrier Chiller. Chiller operational [Tepotzotlan, Mexico]

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Lot #7: Ziener & Muhlberger Prufstand Leakage Test Machine/气密仪. Ziener & Muhlberger Prufstand Leakage Test Machine/Ziener & Muhlberger Prufstand 气密仪
400V, 50A, 33KVA [Shanghai, China]

Lot #9: Mojonnier Fat Tester/脂肪测定仪. Mojonnier Fat Tester/Mojonnier脂肪检测仪
Tax Rate/此设备适应税率: 17% (可抵扣增值税发票) [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #15: Mettler Toledo/梅特勒-托利多 HR-83P Infrared Moisture Analyzer/水份测定仪. Mettler Toledo HR-83P Infrared Moisture Analyzer/梅特勒-托利多HR-83P 水份测定仪
Capacity Min/Max Weight 0.1 g/8 ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #27: Shellab 1535 Incubator/培养箱. Shellab 1535 Incubator/Shellab 1535培养箱
Temperature Range/温度范围: Ampient +5C to 70C
Temperature Stabi ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #34: Grant Instruments SBB28EU Boiling Water Bath/沸水浴槽. Grant Instruments SBB28EU Boiling Water Bath/Grant Instruments SBB28EU 沸水浴槽
230V~2000VA 50-60Hz
Tax ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #8: Millipore/密理博 Elix 15 Tap Water Automatic Double Column Pretreatment System/自来水全自动双柱预处理系统. Millipore Elix 15 Tap Water Automatic Double Column Pretreatment System/密理博Elix 15 自来水全自动双柱预处理系统
Pro ... [Guangzhou, China]

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