Monday, August 25, 2014

Bid On Over 68 Items Of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Our Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing category will be offering over 68 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #74: Atotech Uniplate Organic Based Plating Line. for through hole plating, control: Atotech, automatic loader: L & H, cleaning machine: Macap, cleane ... [Langenbrand, Germany]

    Lot #134: Mega Stahl Light Table. dimensions: 0.6x0.4m approx. [Engelsbrand, Germany]

    Lot #75: Atotech Uniplate CU 6 Copper Impulse Plating Line. dimensions: 1.5x15m, loader with pneumatic suction: Lohr & Herrmann, model: ESK 20 QB, etch cleaner, ... [Langenbrand, Germany]

    Lot #120: Thieme TSC 130 Scraper cutting machine. [Engelsbrand, Germany]

    Lot #67: KMA Ultravent II 5000/E Electrostatic Scrubber. operating hours: 75790 approx., date of manufacture: assumed to be 2000 [Engelsbrand, Germany]

    Lot #80: Schmid Brushing machine. with unloader, alignment station without copper cutting device, brush to be replaced [Engelsbrand, Germany]

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