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Our Food & Beverage category will be offering over 86 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #2: AVE Blocco Asettico NH-EFS 30/30/40/8 Aseptic Block Liquid Filling Line. Capacity 8000 to 12000 bottles per hour or 10000 litres of produce per hour, capacity for 250ml, 500 ... [Sudbury, United Kingdom]

Lot #305: EFFYTEC HB323 Horizontal form fill and seal machines for powder pouch. Horizontal form fill and seal machines for powder pouch, triplex. [Barcelona, Spain]

Lot #309: PESTER PEWO-pack450 Packer and Stretchwrapper bundle. PEWO-pack 450 Compact for cartons, high speed.
Special sealing system with ... [Barcelona, Spain]

Lot #1: Alfa Laval CHPX 517SGV-34CGRT / Celleco 206/500 Centrifugal separator incl. precleaner. hydraulic capacity 40m³/h; inlet temperature 0 to 100°C; draining interval min. 1 min - max. 1 hour; ... [Lenzing, Austria]

Lot #5: Dimac Start30 Inline wrapping case and bottle packer. Capacity for wrapping 250ml single pack running speed 31 CPM, 250ml twin packs running speed 20 CPM, ... [Sudbury, United Kingdom]

Lot #302: CAM HV Continuous Cartoner. Continuous motion cartoner, long infeed chain conveyor, fixed format of 130mm , other two size will ... [Barcelona, Spain]

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Lot #11: Pall Gehause HZ3314-H3A50439 Filtering Tank/过滤罐. Pall Gehause HZ3314-H3A50439 Filtering Tank/Pall Gehause HZ3314-H3A50439 过滤罐
Min/Max. allow temp/最小/ ... [Shanghai, China]

Lot #12: Paul Hammelmann 09.17169.1093 High Pressure Pump/高压泵. Paul Hammelmann 09.17169.1093 High Pressure Pump/Paul Hammelmann 09.17169.1093高压泵
Motor rating/电机功率: ... [Shanghai, China]

Lot #64: Advantech MFG L3P Sonic Sifter/筛分机. Advantech L3P Sonic Sifter/Advantech L3P筛分机
Specially designed 3" Diameter (76.2 mm) acrylic-framed ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #6: IKA RV 10 control V Rotary Evaporator/旋转蒸发仪. IKA RV 10 control V Rotary Evaporator/IKA RV 10 control V旋转蒸发仪
Composed of four parts/组成部分:
1. 真空仪 ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #3: STERIS Reliance 400 Laboratory Glass Washer/清洗机. STERIS Reliance 400 Laboratory Glass Washer/STERIS Reliance 400 清洗机
Size (W x H x L)/尺寸:
Chamber lo ... [Guangzhou, China]

Lot #57: Shan brand 0.01-10mm Thickness Gauge/手持式测厚仪. Shan brand 0.01-10mm Thickness Gauge/Shan brand0.01-10mm手持式测厚仪
Tax Rate/此设备适应税率: 3% (普通增值税发票)
Status ... [Guangzhou, China]

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