Monday, December 1, 2014

Bid On Over 347 Items Of Semiconductor Fabrication

Our Semiconductor Fabrication category will be offering over 347 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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    Lot #48: Stainless Steel Benches. Approx qty 58 vrious sizesExample of sizes1400 x 700 x 960mm980 x 640 x 960mm1500 x 950 x 830mm1100 ... [Newport, Wales, United Kingdom]

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    Asia Pacific:

    Lot #152: AG Association Heatpulse 8800 Vertical Diffusion Furnace. Tool code RTAA5 For configuration sheet Click HEREConfigurationReserved batch operation possible
    Waf ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

    Lot #210: Koyo Thermo System VF-5100LP Vertical Diffusion Furnace. Tool code LPCD2 For configuration sheet Click HEREConfigurationProcess N2, H2 LP-anneal
    Reserved bat ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

    Lot #366: KLA-Tencor Corporation SFS6220 Bare Wafer Dark-Field Defect Inspection. Tool code SF203 For configuration sheet Click HEREConfiguration>br>Process Bare-Si INSP
    WAFER SPECIF ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

    Lot #206: Kokusai DD-804V Vertical Diffusion Furnace. Tool code FURA8 For configuration sheet Click HEREConfiguration:Process Oxide anneal
    Reserved batch ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

    Lot #242: ETS ETQW-2100-10 S-1 Wet Bench. Tool code HODS1 For configuration sheet Click HEREHF/DIW
    Configuration :
    Robot : 1
    Process bath :
    H ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

    Lot #275: Tohokasei WFRXFER Wafer Transfer Unit. Tool code WTF06 For configuration sheet Click HEREConfigurationWAFER SPECIFICATION
    Wafer Size 200mm
    ... [Nishiwaki, Japan]

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