Monday, December 1, 2014

Bid On Over 357 Items Of Food & Beverage

Our Food & Beverage category will be offering over 357 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #11: Anchor Mark RMG10 Granulator. 5-10-20 Ltr2.75 HP415 VComes with qty 3 granual bowls [Birzebbugia, Malta]

Lot #28: Cochran Boilers Boiler. Design pressure 7.25 Bar GSaturation temperature 172 °cHydraulic test pressure 10.88 Bar GMax contin ... [Zejtun, Malta]

Lot #5: FMK Kataoka SPC-204-PD-CE Automatic Parts Washer. 39 Kva32Kw/hCoolant water max 60°c [Ebbw Vale, wales, United Kingdom]

Lot #7: FMK Kataoka SPC-203-B-D/C1-cc Parts Washer. Max temerature 60°cKva 2218 Kw/h415V3 phase [Ebbw Vale, wales, United Kingdom]

Lot #1: STORK 1 AP 1 STORK Filler. Preformed cup filling machine. 16 cups/stroke. 30 strokes/minute. 28 800 cups/hour. [Villecomtal sur Arros, France]

Lot #4: TECMAPACK FM3000 Tray former. FFS Cup 63x63. Capacity: 59500 cups/hour. Available in December 2013 [Saint Just Chaleyssin, France]

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Lot #100: EPET (Brasil) EPET A 180 SHRINKABLE LABELS APPLICATORS. It includes: Bobine Carrier & Heat Shrink Tunnel. Capacity: 200 units/minute. Current sizes: Bottles ... [Cajica , Colombia]

Lot #102: THIMONNIER (France) TD1500 MONO PREFORMED DOY PACK FILLER MACHINE. Main Voltage: 440 V. Main Frequency: 60Hz. Power: 7 KvA. Bag Capacity: 800 ml. Dosage capacity: 700- ... [Cajica , Colombia]

Lot #101: COMIPACK (Italy) CM-50-2N SHRINK EQUIPMENT - HORIZONTAL SITE SEALER. Voltage: 3 x 400 V. 50 Hz + N + T. Power: 5 KW. Manual included. [Cajica , Colombia]

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Asia Pacific:

Lot #6: 上海爱因热工设备有限公司 PB-225M 干燥箱. 上海爱因热工设备有限公司 PB-225M型干燥箱
工作室尺寸: 1800* 1000*1100mm
鼓风功率:2 x 370W
电源:380V 50Hz
产 ... [Shanghai, China]

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