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Our Metalworking & Machine Tools category will be offering over 322 items for sale in next few weeks. Look up equipment you are interested in by clicking the links below.

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Lot #123: Cosen MH-812LC, Power Saw. To be sold as a lot. [Benicon, Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa]

Lot #121: Colchester Bantam 1 600 Lathe. To be sold as a lot. [Benicon, Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa]

Lot #122: Standard EM-4VS Milling Machine. To be sold as a lot. [Benicon, Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa]

Lot #3: Hofler Rapid 1500 CNC Gear Grinder. 900 mm TableY Axis: 1500 mmHofler CNC ControllerBalance SystemsVM24 Wheel Dresser Complete with:EF I ... [Benoni, Gauteng,, South Africa]

Lot #1: Haas EC-1600 YZT CNC Horizontal Machining Centre. Haas CNC ControllerTable: 1626mm x 914 mmX Axis: 1626 mmY Axis: 1270 mmZ Axis: 1016 mmHaas 600mm 4th ... [Benoni, Gauteng,, South Africa]

Lot #51: WMW Niles DLZ800X4000 Gap Bed Centre Lathe. Distance between Centres: 4000 mmSwing: 560 mmFeed Through the Head Stock: 90 mmIncluding 1 x Steady ... [Benoni, Gauteng,, South Africa]

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North America:

Lot #105: Italpresse IBN 3/50 1500-Metric Ton Two Daylight Press. 1500-Metric Ton Two Dayligth Press. Platen Dimensions 1420mm x 2590mm. Upstroking Speed 106 mm/sec. ... [Danville, VA]

Lot #102: Hydraulic Hot Press Lines. Hydraulic Hot Press Line including all stations required to transfer moulds into and out of presses. ... [Danville, VA]

Lot #106: Stripping and Stacking Line. Stripping and Stacking Line including all stations required to remove products from the moulds and a ... [Danville, VA]

Lot #108: Cooling Line for Female Moulds. Cooling Line for Female Moulds including all stations required to take the female moulds and have th ... [Danville, VA]

Lot #107: Return Line for Top Cover Plates. Return Line for Top Cover Plates including all stations required to move the top cover plates back t ... [Danville, VA]

Lot #103: Italpresse IBN 9/17 312-Metric Ton Multi-Dayligh Press. 312-Metric Ton Multi-Daylight Press. Platen Dimensions 970mm x 2140mm. Upstroking Speed 85 mm/sec. D ... [Danville, VA]

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Asia Pacific:

Lot #16: Reicherter (Wilson Hardness) Kl 3 - Video Hardness Tester Vickers. table dimensions 1000x410mm; last usage 2009, power supply 400V/50-60Hz [Bursa, Turkey]

Lot #11: Hommel T8000 Roughness Measuring Unit. [Bursa, Turkey]

Lot #2: Bahm├╝ller IPRO-TWINNER CNC Grinding Machine. bore diam. max. 120mm; grinding depth max. 200mm
2 x 2 hydrostatic linear axis + short stroke oscil ... [Bursa, Turkey]

Lot #47: Zoller Genius 3 Tool Measurement Machine. Travel distance Z/ X/ Y axis 600/ 175/ 100mm
Measuring range longitudinal axis 570 mm
Repeatability ... [Bursa, Turkey]

Lot #46: Christen AU-250CNC Tool Grinder. 3 axis, 1 grinding spidle
grinding diam. 0,5-160mm
centre height 70mm
tool diameter 20mm
working are ... [Bursa, Turkey]

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